Super8glamour: 8mm sex films
Super 8mm vintage glamour films
Last month! Discounts!
Closing down on June 9, 2015

This is a webshop full of vintage super 8mm films that you won’t find easily elsewhere: glamour films as they are often called in the UK, stag movies or adult loops as the Americans call them, or Filme für den Herrenabend as the Germans say.

Please note: we have decided to discontinue this website on June 9, 2015. On larger orders, we will calculate the following discounts:
- order value (exclusive of postage) 75 euros or more: discount 15 %;
- order value (exclusive of postage) 175 euros or more: discount 25 %;
- order value (exclusive of postage) 275 euros or more: discount 35 %.
The discount is not visible in the shopping cart, but will be calculated when we invoice you.